Acne Treatment Options

Clear your skin of pimples, blackheads, and other bacteria

Acne is a serious condition that can be caused by many different factors including blocked pores, over-active oil production, and bacteria present in the skin. It has been estimated that 80% of people from ages 11-30 suffer from acne at one point or another. Although it is not life threatening, acne carries with it the potential for both emotional and physical scarring and should be treated quickly and professionally to minimize complications.

Acne can be treated with proper care

Acne is a condition that can be treated quickly and effectively with regular chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, or a combination of all three. Our caring experts will be able to determine which course of treatment will be best for you. Following up with at home care is essential to keep your skin looking and feeling clean, clear, and acne free.

What if I have acne scars?

Acne can also leave unsightly and embarrassing scars behind, treating these scars with laser can be very effective. By targeting the darker pigment caused by acne, laser treatments reveal a brighter, more even toned complexion.

A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results. You’ll also want to protect the excellent results you receive. Renewal SkinCare offers top of the line medical grade skin care products and services to maximize your beautiful skin!

Schedule a Free Consultation with our medical skin care experts to find out more about your skin and how Acne treatments can help you get your beautiful complexion back! Also, check out our excellent promotions for great savings!

”I never suffered from acne as a teen, but as an adult, I looked like I was going through puberty all over again! I needed something to really help me through this difficult time, and that treatment came from the great team at Renewal SkinCare. Between the in- office procedures and products I use at home, I have seen a huge difference in the clarity of my skin. I don’t know what I would do without the understanding care of Renewal SkinCare.”

- Vicki

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Before I came to Midwest Weight Control, I couldn’t lose weight. I’d tried everything from fad diets to different weight loss programs. I finally met with the staff at MWC and found out that I had certain medical issues that were standing in the way of my weight loss. The Medical Director addressed these issues with me, and I began to lose weight steadily. Since then, I’ve lost 61 pounds and I have adopted a new healthy and active lifestyle. I have never felt better in my life!

- Janice

After nearly forty years of yo-yo dieting, and believing I could not diet one more time, I decided to take a drastic step. I went through the testing for gastric bypass surgery, and was denied. Bitterly disappointed, I expressed my feelings to the dietitian from the bypass program. She suggested another option: Midwest Weight Control.

What a great program it is! Not only have I lost weight, but I’ve finally made the shift in my thinking about a lifetime commitment to fitness. I look and feel better, and have lost my self-consciousness about my weight. It will no longer be a barrier or an excuse for not doing what I want to in life.

- Maggie
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