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That's what we're about. At Renewal SkinCare, your safety and satisfaction is our #1 priority! We know happy customers will share their experiences with others, and we are proud that so many clients continue to come to us to resolve their skin care needs.

Here are what some of our satisfied clients have had to say about their experiences with Renewal SkinCare.


"I never suffered from acne as a teen, but now as an adult, I looked like I was going through puberty all over again! I needed something to really help me through this difficult time, and that treatment came from the great team at Renewal MD. Between the in- office procedures and products I use at home, I have seen a huge difference in the clarity of my skin. I don’t know what I would do without the understanding care of Renewal SkinCare."



"My experience with the professional team at Renewal SkinCare was 100 % positive. Terri, the nurse injector was very informative and really listened to my needs. She never over-did it. Nicole did a meticulous job on my lashes. I can’t stop looking at them.
I love everything about my new younger, fresher look. I look forward to a long-term relationship with the professionals at Renewal MD. Thank you all so much."



"The deep creases between my eyebrows just evolved over time. One day, someone asked me why I always looked angry. I took a closer look and realized I looked angry AND old. I was worried that Botox might make me look frozen, but Imo did such an excellent job. I look fresher, relaxed, and a lot younger. I’m very happy with my results."

- Bob

Brown spots

"After living my whole life covered in freckles, and later, brown patches that made me look older than I was, I was delighted to find out that I could actually get rid of them! After just a couple of treatments with the BBL laser at Renewal SkinCare, the spots literally flaked off. It is so much fun to look in the mirror and finally see my face light, bright, and clear!"


Chemical Peels

"I was unsure about what to expect with a chemical peel. It sounds pretty intense. I found mine to be very comfortable, and my face was in such great condition afterwards."



"Ever since I did CIT, I get so many compliments on the nature of my skin. People notice that it is firm and smooth. Most people can’t believe I am as old as I am because my skin is so good. I’m really glad I found out about CIT!"


Eyelash extensions

"I have really short, blonde eyelashes. My eyes just get lost in my face. I was absolutely amazed at how I looked after Nicole put on the eyelash extensions. They look so real, I even had trouble seeing how they were attached. I have never had such long, beautiful, dark full lashes before. Plus, I don’t have to wear mascara, there’s nothing I have to do to take care of them, and they look awesome 24 hours a day! Plus, they last a really, really long time."



"I suffered most of my adult life with excessive sweating in my armpits. I avoided wearing certain fabrics because of the staining, which would start almost immediately. I tried to avoid raising my arms for fear my armpit stains would show. This treatment was like a miracle for me. Within a week, the sweating stopped and for the first time, I could finally feel confident and not worry about embarrassing stains. I’m so grateful Renewal SkinCare offers this treatment."



"After years of curling, priming, applying mascara, and daily damage, my lashes were just so short and brittle—it seemed like they just wouldn’t grow anymore. After using Latisse, I have noticed a dramatic difference in length and darkness of my lashes! My eyes are now the focal point of my face again!"


Laser hair removal

"I had laser hair removal with Nicole and within 1 treatment, I can see a HUGE difference. Renewal MD has given me years back."

- Arianna


"When Nicole does a microdermabrasion on me, I can just feel the months of grime and built up dead skin lifting right off. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how clear and fresh my face looks."

- Hanna


"It seems like I have tried every single skin care product out there, and could never find anything that would address my wrinkles and age spots at the same time. I finally found Obagi, and couldn’t be happier! Not only have my wrinkles disappeared, my age spots and sun damage are gone! I would recommend Obagi to anyone who is looking for products that actually give RESULTS!"


Red spots

"I have suffered with redness on my neck and chest for years, and was always embarassed to go out in public without wearing a turtleneck or scarf. Now that I have been treated with the laser to remove my redness, I feel more confident in how my skin looks, and don’t have to always wear a turtle neck! Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have boosted my confidence!"


Skin Tag Removal

"I had a few small skin tags on my neck and stomach that were just bothering me. It was so easy just to have the nurse zap them right off with the Lamprobe. I wish I had done it a long time ago, because it was so simple. Glad they’re gone."


Skin Tyte®

"After having a c-section, the skin on my lower abdomen had become loose and saggy. I started looking into treatments to try and improve the appearance of my stomach. I came across the Skin Tyte treatment from Renewal SkinCare and decided to check it out.
I met with Nicole from Renewal SkinCare and she was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to explain the treatment and answer all of my questions. When doing the treatment, she walked me through what she was doing and made me feel very comfortable. I would strongly recommend Renewal MD to any mom looking to improve her post baby body!"


Triple Glo

"I never realized how dull my skin actually was until Nicole did a Triple Glo on my face. Amazing! My skin was actually glowing when I walked out of the clinic. 5 stars!"

- Lynn

Wrinkle filler

"Juvederm® is my best hidden secret! The wrinkles around my mouth are virtually gone. Almost immediately, I looked like I had regained 10 years. I’ve had my lips injected, too. I love that they look a little fuller, but don’t look fake. Terri knows exactly when to stop, which is so important."


Happy clients giving a thumbs up.

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