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Key Hunger Secret:   Stop hunger before it starts

When it comes to getting through the day, most people suffer with late afternoon hunger pangs.  These hunger pangs are often telling you to pick up something sweet and/or salty – to give your body the energy necessary to make it through the rest of the day.

Have you ever pigged out on a bag of cookies or other snack after feeling your tummy grumble? That’s your hunger hormones talking! Your hormones signal your brain/body that it's time to eat.  A very powerful drive.  There is some good news though – there are several things that you can do to control your appetite. And yes, you have the power to regulate your hormones to give you that feeling of fullness. It boils down to understanding how the hunger hormones operate... all in the effort to feed your body correctly

Stay away from simple Sugars.  This keeps the levels of insulin in your body from spiking and retreating.   Insulin is a major contributor to bodyfat storage.

Snacking is OK...(if it is the right snack!)   Smaller amounts of Non sugary foods that contain fat or protein are key.

Consume small amounts of non sugary foods on a regular basis - If you have a nutrition plan that you’re following, you should already be eating food every two to three hours to keep the ghrelin hormone from accumulating. With less ghrelin released into the body, there will be less chances for you to feel “snacky/hangry".

Consume protein and some fat at breakfast Did you know that eating protein at breakfast helps to stave off hunger pangs later in the day? The reason is that a higher-protein/fat breakfast causes the leptin levels to increase during the day to keep you from having those sweet/salty cravings. This is especially important for people who tend to overeat during the evening hours.

Include omega-3 fats Omega-3 fatty acids boost your body’s sensitivity to leptin, which allows you to know if the “hunger” you have is real or a cry for thirst. Omega-3 fats can be found in an array of sources such as tuna, salmon, flaxseeds, chia, walnuts, etc. You can also get omega-3 in a supplement form. Be sure you consume them every day to help you successfully fight against your cravings. 

Get some sleep! 

When your body doesn’t get the sleep it needs, it causes the ghrelin levels to rise, which also causes your “must eat” feelings. Be sure you get around seven to eight hours of sleep every night to maintain a healthy balance. You’ll also be able to fight against the undesirable cravings. 

Get moving! 

Most people don’t realize that exercise is also key in keeping the body fuller longer. Exercise works to boost the feeling satisfied hormones in the body, along with the metabolism boosting effects that leads to more burned calories.

Investigate prescription appetite suppressants! 

There are several safe and effective appetite suppressant medications on the market today that can help many people develop the willpower to change their diets while quieting their hunger.  The team at Midwest are happy to discuss any of these options with you at any time!

For free information or a consultation Please call us at 763-416-2280

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