Reduce Calorie Intake for Effective Weight Loss

Losing weight means cutting back on calories. We have to balance our food intake with our activity so that we use up more calories than we consume. Simple as this formula may seem, anyone who has tried weight losswith dieting knows that cutting calories is harder than it looks. For one thing, when you reduce calories your body notices and makes you feel hungry so you will catch up on the calories it is missing.

Is it possible to reduce calories without making significant changes in your lifestyle and battling the discomfort of constant hunger?

Here are a few changes that can add up to a significant reduction in calories without actually reducing the amount of food you eat.

  • Cut the fat. Fat has more calories than either protein or carbohydrates. Simply buying lean cuts of meat, cutting off visible fat and removing skin from chicken will reduce calories in your meat servings.
  • Cut out sugar filled drinks. Learn to enjoy water or zero-calorie water flavoring. Some studies show Americans get 25% of daily calories from soda and sugary drinks.
  • Swap your Milk. Replace whole milk with reduced fat or skim milk.
  • Cut out seconds. Make it a habit to never have seconds. It goes without saying you shouldn’t increase the first helping to compensate though.
  • Cut sugar from your coffee or tea. One cube equals one and a half teaspoons of sugar which has 25 calories in it.
  • Cut down on alcohol. Energy rich and nutritionally empty, alcohol provides a lot more calories than most of us need. As an added incentive, we tend to eat more when we drink alcohol.
  • Make it yourself. If you can find the time, making your own food will almost always mean you eat fewer calories than you will with commercially prepared food.